Indian Head Massage
An integral part of Ayurveda, this treatment is believed to preserve one’s life force and energy. This incredible hair and scalp treatment nourishes the hair, relaxes he mind and has an overall effect on the whole body as it acts on the central nervous system.

This stress reducing treatment releases head, neck and shoulder tension with the use of massage and warm therapeutic oils. A perfect antidote for anxiety, depression, mental fatigue,

headaches, nasal congestion, insomnia, scalp conditions and more. It is one of the most powerful ways to reduce stress and relax the body.
Some of the oil remains on the skin and hair. Ideally, the oil should not be removed but allowed to penetrate the skin for the remainder of the day. To prevent the oil from staining after the procedure is complete guests are encouraged to wear an old t-shirt, baseball cap or head scarf.

It is recommended that you remove make-up and earrings prior to arrival.